5 Ideas to colorize Christmas with plants

Until now we are used to decorate the house solely or principally with the Christmas tree and the traditional colorful festoons. In nature and are commercially available, however, small and medium-sized colorful plants that can help make it even more festive and cheerful our home without Get off space to the protagonist, that is the tree. If anyone particularly imaginative decided to create an environment made only of plants it is possible that a nice carpet and some decoration air are not sufficient or the best of everything. But we’re going to do with them and how many natural colors we can draw our birth in an alternative way:

Mistletoe has always been considered a lucky charm because, as you all know, traditionally lovers and not, use kissing under it New Year’s Eve. Tradition has it that the Druids found peace if they met under this plant in times of hostilities. According to other beliefs instead passing a girl (with her boyfriend) in this plant should be kissed otherwise not marry the following year! In England, finally, is used to burn the deck that has adorned the house on the night of January 6 to avert the danger of remaining spinsters in the future …

Us, we can not help but suggest that you use it as a decoration, for tradition, trust what most fascinates you;-)

The Holly is, since the time of the ancient Romans considered a good omen for the plant which used the twigs mainly for Christmas celebrations. Although there exist several hybrids of various sizes, the llex aquifolium is a plant that can reach 5/8 feet high, of which only the female produces the famous red berries that much color the houses and Christmas baskets. Its strength is really extraordinary because bears winter cold down to -15 ° C, while in summer, if well watered holds up well even the most extreme hot! If you decide to breed it for a few sprigs for Christmas, know that its growth is slow but if the summer does not stand out among the hedge the other plants, the winter will probably be the only green plant in the middle of a garden ugly and graying from the cold …

The Christmas Cactus deviates a bit ‘from the other traditional plants for its color: the purple of its flowers is placed a bit’ in the middle between the white and red traditional but, for this, it may be a good bond and bridge between a decoration and the other making it even more extraordinary and colorful your environment. Contrary to its name, this plant does not require the same care of a traditional cactus: the watering should be carried out regularly (every 2-3 weeks) and the plant should not be left too warm nor to direct sunlight considered born and raised on Brazilian mountains where the climate is mild and very humid, so better a room is not too bright and maybe fresh.

Poinsettia is perhaps the best-selling plant and present in homes at Christmas time. In the Red  version most common  but also in white that does not require special care, we find both in nurseries in supermarkets, a multitude of products of different sizes. The problem arises especially in its conservation because this plant tends to wither and die at the end of year when its flowering cycle ends. If you want to make it bloom again manure in winter and put it outside with the warmth of spring. In September, after pruning, bring it into the house, taking care to leave it in the shaded area. If all goes well, it should bloom again and give new colors at Christmas!

The Gaultheria in pots is our choice for a perfect centerpiece. The flower blooms in spring Gaultheria but this type of perennial plant resists well in all seasons and, for this is used also for the Christmas decorations. Watering should be regular only in summer, while in winter, you should keep an eye on the state of the ground so that it does not dry too.


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