Christmas Plants: the Gaultheria

Evergreen ground cover from North-America, the Gaultheria has become one of the most popular Christmas plants, thanks to its bright colors and cheerful. The leaves are deep green even in winter while its red berries maintain a warm color that draws the plant and makes it perfect for decorating the houses in the holiday season of Christmas.

The size of ‘shrub of Gaultheria is between 10 and 15 cm, and always, in the Island of Newfoundland (and surrounding areas) in which it grows, it is food for the animals of the area such as deer, pheasants and wild turkeys. Its berries are indeed edible (for animals !!!!) and its leaves obviously very tasty. Although it grows in wooded areas and shade (pine trees, forests, etc.), the Gaultheria produces fruits only due to the presence of sunlight.

In the context of Christmas, we can use it in many ways: to colorize table (centerpiece), a cabinet empty to color a bit ‘, on your bedside choosing a version really petite or maybe on the corner of a window to addobbarla festively. ..

And who knows that your home is even more beautiful imagining this plant in its island of origin with the snow and the forest animals around:-)

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