Garden-planner: how to design the garden and the vegetable garden in a few clicks

In cold weather, but also in those where we can not be close to our garden / orchard many of us, you know, would like to sit outdoors to work among the flowers, the hedge and plants but given the temperatures, days court, bad weather or some commitment, it is not always possible to do so. For this, modern technology gives us the ability to design our gardens, at least from the standpoint of “architectural”, even in these days, taking advantage of the many online software or, if you really want, even those on the market.

Today, someone to test and verify their operation and have some fun ‘, we tried what we found on the search engines, playing with the software with which you can plan the spaces of your gardens, vegetable gardens and balconies.

Garden Puzzle: View 3D design online registration requirement and  graphics really satisfying for amateur use. You can select geographical areas, climate and humidity level, after which you will have various scenarios on which to distribute your ideas and create the model you want and that is more like that of your garden.

Fast, cute and with a multitude of objects to add to your project: vases, flowers, flowered wallpaper, houses, gates, benches, trees and much more. Our favorite!

Virtual Garden: special well done, especially the butterflies flying between a flower and the other just have finished the project. Too bad we can not see the result of the garden that you have created in larger sizes! For the rest everything is perfect because the objects to be included are many and the ease of use really good.

Garden Planner: This is the one of the top 3 that only the 2D version but, having tested the trial version we can not confirm that there is not a three-dimensional. For planning a garden is useful and perhaps, in its simplicity, even more exploitable than before. It depends on what you prefer to try and what kind of software you want to use.

Growveg: with this software you can design your garden could choose month-to-month and even plant a few flowers with which color your garden. We tried the trial version which can be accessed by a simple registration but we felt it was still functional and nice for the first design tasks. This software also exists an app for the mobile. If you are a fan of the mobile phone you can have fun even when you’re on the move or away from home. enjoy!

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