The 7 most beautiful gardens in the world

The beginning of the gray winter plagued us a bit ‘so we started looking for some colorful garden to admire and, why not, to visit next spring … We found colorful gardens around the world, and even in Europe Italy …

1.Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Opened in 1910, the Broolklyn Botanic garden is a garden of ca. 21 hectares place in the homonymous American city. Evocative and colorful are the 200 cherry trees donated by the Japanese government after World War II. In total belong to 42 different species and color the paths of the park / garden. Within the same is also the CV Starr Bonsai Museum

Admission, $ 10

2- The Butchart Gardens

They are a group of floral gardens Canadian localizable in the area of Vancouver Island. The gardens are almost a million visitors every year, even in the fall when the colors of the trees assume reddish hues and the landscape becomes spectacular.

3- The Ninfa’s Garden

The garden of Ninfa is a rather gentle on the environment and this is only open a few days a year. It belongs to a gorgeous setting of the Lazio region  which includes the  Pantanello’s Natural Park. Magnolia, water iris, Japanese maples and ornamental cherry trees in spring bloom. Viburnum, honeysuckle, Tulips, and  roses, that  we can find in  infinite variety.


Tulips are the essence of this wonderful Dutch Park blooming in the period in which everything around, the Netherlands is colored life, perfumes and spring. We do not hide that this, of all , is our favorite! It is located in Lisse, about half hour trip from Amsterdam and the real show is not just admiring how these skilled gardeners have prepared the park during the winter but, like everything around, a whole environmental system is producing a flower in many varieties and colors in the same period . Everything then concentrated here, but the journey to Kaukenhof is a veritable apotheosis of the tulip, the essence and the pleasure of the birth which then materializes when you can admire the flower alive a few inches from you or stroke it between your hands.

5-Dubai Miracle Garden

More than an ornamental garden,  Dubai seems to be a theme park covered with 45 million flowers drawing and reproduce any kind of living being and object in the world. Interesting is the irrigation system that allows you to not waste the essential element for the flowers (with the light): water! In an area so arid everything is programmed to preserve and make better use of water resources and ensure the proper proliferation of flowers

6 Kirtenbosch Botanic Gardens

Founded in 1913, the Kirtenbosch is located at the foot of Table Mountain, South Africa, in Cape Town. Its characteristic is to have, with minor exceptions, only local plants and flowers within its space.

E ‘managed by the National Institute of South Africa for Biodiversity (SANBI)

7- Gulhane Park Istanbul

A tribute to Turkey and the city of Istanbul, where, in the spring, the parks are filled with tulips and beautiful colors! We rely on our travels and past experiences because often you do not need to go far or spend too much to see beautiful gardens … Then the tulip was born here…is it right?;-)


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