fruit trees in pots: the apple tree

There is not the slightest doubt: every person who will read this article, at least once in their life will have tasted the taste of an apple, perhaps ignoring the whole process that led to the creation and production of this famous fruit.

The best areas in which to plant this tree are the ones with cool weather and damp about the resistance to low temperatures enjoyed by this tree and its fruits. However, decide to grow a small tree on the terrace or in the garden, could be a source of great satisfaction.

Pruning and Flowering

Like any fruit tree, the period for planting is between April and February but still, for the apple tree, you should always late autumn when the leaves begin to fall. Despite resists well at low temperatures, in winter you do not exclude the possibility of covering your apple tree to protect it from the cold and secure it in the best way the following spring.

The apple tree in pots that you find on the market is often self-pollinated (always ask) and therefore does not need (it seems) the presence of other species in the same area necessary pollination.

Pruning should generally be carried out in February (or dormant period), taking care to remove branches damaged.

The following spring, so you will have beautiful flowers and maybe fruit in the coming months.

NB: beware of gems! In the tree apple tree exist gems from wood ( I hope it was the right translation) , which will become the leaves and the buds that will become flowering branches with flowers …

Good crop and enjoy your meal!

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