The Wien’s rose garden: Volksgarten

They say that dreams do black and white, and even that does not emit any kind of perfume … it also says that they can take up to a few seconds and, many times, when we wake up, you forget everything!
So, I do not know how much time you have to relax between the colors, scents and sounds of the Rose Garden (Rosengarten in German), but to be a dream, with what is described above has nothing in common.
The Rosengarten is only a part of the largest Volksgarten (the garden of the people) open to the public in Vienna in 1825.

In periods of blossoming roses, relax amidst these magnificent specimens or stroll admiring some unique elements can be a cause of joy and opportunity to relate with nature while remaining in the middle of city.
The rose garden includes specimens  truly amazing to photograph or just bring in the heart as a reminder of a beautiful journey:

rose at Volksgarten

Konigin der rosen: is a hybrid tea with a yellow background, shades of orange and salmon. Scented.

Polastern Rose: is also called the “North Star” for its large petals and shape reminiscent of a star .. It is part of the hybrids of Tea and has good resistance to cold.

Mainer Fastnach rose: purple colors make it an exemplary delicate and unique. Unique as its fragrance and its resistance.

Diana Rose: Another exemplary of hybrids Tea Rose group but brightly colored. You can not miss it.

Tahiti rose: an hybrid of Tea again, incredible colors of petals that resemble jagged clothes and cheer Polynesian island.

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