10 fields of flowers spring : Which do you prefer?

Sometimes you stay amazed in front of colorful fields painted by colors and attractive shapes and, without being asked too many questions, we admire the scenery and leave again satisfied …

But what colors the world and gives the look incredible views without asking in return too much fame? We tried a few fields of colorful flowers to satiate spring desire now that the season is at its beginning …

  1.  Fields of Sunflowers

Not mistaken. With their heights reach infinity and around the world stand out with their color of the sun.

If you see a field with strange creatures shaped flower watching you, you can not go wrong! They are: sunflowers

2. Fields of rape

The Rape is mainly used for processing into bioenergy oils but its most striking feature is the color. Often we see it in Germany but also in Italy there are several crops. Its intense yellow is unique and unmistakable.

3. Fields of Tulips

Multicolored, multifaceted. The top of the top is certainly in the Netherlands, but now we can find some flower bed in which to “console” the view in the most beautiful gardens in the world … The tulip is global.

4. Fields of Daisies

The spontaneous flower that marks the beginning of spring and appears in white coloring meadows. Daisy laying on the green left from winter and transforms the seasons …

5. Fields of Poppies

Another spontaneous flower that naturally colors the fields at spring. The poppy prefers red, roadsides and even the rough terrain, but in the spring there is always and still happens to be amazed at seeing whole colored stains intensity of its colors

6. Fields of Allium

In the old continent are cultivated as ornamental flowers but the allium if present as in large-scale culture may emerge before your eyes with these features. In India you might find fields like these, with large onions in the area.

7. Fields of Lavender

A famous, fragrant, colorful Lavender is typical of Provence and with its colorful fields attracts glances and enchanted photographers. Enchanting, from all points of view.

8. Fields of Grape Hyacints

enough “refined” flowers, grape hyacinths are present in different species including some natural in Italy. They are usually found in ornamental gardens but, if you have the good fortune to see a small field … call us !!!

9. Fields of daffodils

The story and the legend of Narcissus we’ve already told … Meet a field of daffodils is not a rarity but here and there even that difficult … a feast for the eyes!

10. Fields of dandelion

Another natural flower that blooms in spring whose properties and whose names have spread across the country and beyond … The Dandelion arrives on time and with its colors of the sun challenge poppies and daisies to compete for a place in the meadows.

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