Ornamental cabbages: an idea to color the winter terrace

The winter seems around the corner and, contrary to what may seem, Mother Nature has given us many more colors than we can imagine to continue to make our open spaces cheerful.

One of these colorful plants is just the cabbage, which, with its typical and its nature as plant form, can withstand the cold in winter, showing off color really enviable! deep pink or white, grow ornamental cabbage in a nice planter, make your winter more colorful!


The ornamental cabbage is a very simple rustic plant to grow but, like many others, requires different measures. It can withstand all temperatures, from warm up to several degrees below zero, but would be good to place it and water it properly according to climate.

In the nurseries can find it in already grown seedlings or seeds to be planted and, once prepared your pots, try to find a semi shaded position so that it does not suffer too much summer heat and receives the necessary light in the winter .. ..
As for watering, be abundant in the heat and reduce the same with the cold, making sure that the soil is never too wet, because this plant can not stand the rot and water accumulations!


The ornamental cabbage is edible but, it seems, has a particularly bitter and not too pleasant taste, however, like so many leaves such as sunflower for example, is popular by the snail, for this, if you want to defend it, as soon  you begin to see some “bite” on the leaves, sprinkle around a bit ‘of slug pellets to prevent the inhabitants of your small gardens will completely ruin the cabbages.

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