A flower a day..keeps out the phsycologist of the way

There would not be need for us so many studies and researches above but, as now proven, gardening would do well to “mental health” of the people. The Dr. Richard Thompson, president of the Royal College of Physicians, even claims that the mere sight of a garden can be enough to improve the recovery time of an illness or psychological distress

One of the main points is still to be found in the fact that, having to take care of a garden or a flower to “follow”, already in itself constitute a purpose and hence a significant reason of life. An elderly will benefit in small movements needed to cure the plants and the flowers without that they do not create too many hardships on the move while the youngest will be able to understand the meaning of responsibility in the care of the plant or the entire green area.

 As a small pet, like a child, even the garden needs the care needed to survive and this keeps high attention and, above all, the sense of “belonging” to its own life and that of others. But let us not forget the times, those are really the masters of life, leaders to achieve inner serenity: the relationship with nature and the times of growth of a flower, a plant and their development, impose man waiting and the slow pace that has lost during this hectic and stressful life.

The result of nature, however, will be exciting, clear and satisfying! If we will help you free yourself from some minor discomfort, even better right?


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