Dutch flowers and vegetables: the market that has “invaded” the world

We like to imagine it as Holland: fields and endless stretches where the number of tulips and their gender and color would be impossible to count even with months of time to do it. f the number of products tulips and marketed is about to ‘1.7 billion, many do not know how important and wide throughout the rest of the horticultural industry and floricultural in this country.

The flowers and the Dutch plants are marketed around the world thanks to the very important group called GreenportHolland that deals with the entire production chain from research, through to transport the same! In practice, the plants, the flowers and everything that has made famous the country of tulips is first produced in greenhouses or fields followed by highly specialized growers and controlled by strict rules which govern the quality of the product and ensure technological innovation .; later logistic airports like Schiphol airport or the port of Rotterdam, will ensure an efficient transport across the continent and around the world! Think about  the flowers cut in the morning in Amsterdam, may arrive in the pews of New York florists day!

The numbers speak for themselves: in this way reduces the competition and despite the productions and the Chinese and Polish markets are felt, the Netherlands is still able to produce nearly 4.3 billion tulip bulbs per year of which 60% it is sold in the Netherlands and the remaining 40% is exported! Thanks to the export of seeds, the country generates about 1.5 billion €uro per year and the sale of plants and flowers Dutch employs more than 4,000 employees for a turnover in 2010 was up 4 billion in a market that , per day, counts the sale of almost 35 million flowers and more than 2 million plants!

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