The meaning of the hibiscus

The hibiscus of the most beautiful and colorful flowers in the world but its care and its growth are very much related to the climatic factor, so that the heat and the sun can not miss if you want to have wonderful in your garden or terrace.

But more than its cultivation, we want to talk about tradition that binds this beautiful flower to the lands in which “lives”, because often the symbol and the meanings that can represent are much more attractive than traditional laws that nature requires the development of a simple flower .

If the hibiscus is in fact a typical flower of the tropical areas, where it can survive and flourish  thanks to the excellent climate, only the Hawaiian Islands was elected flower and official symbol since 1923. Here  arrived the Captain Cook’s ships in 1776 and  then the hibiscus began to spread first in Europe (only in warm weather) and later in the rest of the United States. The hibiscus necklaces, in Hawaii island, are donated to the island guests coming as a sign of welcome and auspicious.

The Hawaiian women use to bring the hibiscus flower behind the right ear or left according to their status: the right if they are engaged and the left if you are single. If they flower in both ears is said to seek a new love even though they are already engaged!

yellow hibiscus

In Polynesia, the girls use to bring the hibiscus in her hair while the boys put him behind the right ear if engaged or the left if single.

In other countries such as China and Korea, this beautiful flower has deeper meanings, such as courage, life and immortality, all in spite of the hibiscus is a flower that has to be cut very short life. If then, unless some special care, let it live and flourish among its natural spaces.

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