Ficus Ginseng: a plant for the badroom

When we start in search of plants and flowers to decorate our home, we often have difficulty finding what they would do for us, especially for smaller rooms, such as the bedroom and bathroom.
However, there are really fascinating plants such as ficus ginseng, of great beauty and small spaces.

The term ginseng is a kind of nickname that comes from its shape, very similar to that of the enlarged roots used in herbal medicine.
The bonsai cultivation of this plant (a kind of Panax), usually gives good results in the apartment with a vegetal development without needing rest or dormancy. For this requires care but also gives good results.


The ideal temperature at which should live these plants is around 18-20 ° C, but above all with a high presence of moisture that unfortunately (for them) is often lacking when there are air conditioning, fireplaces, stoves, or other. To this comes the need water very often spraying the leaves and making sure that the soil content in the vessel both always moist ….

Essential is also light as a primary source of nourishment. If in spring / summer you can put your plant outside, in winter it will be necessary to leave it near a window in your home.

If you want to prune or give form to your Ficus ginseng, be sure to delete only the damaged branches. Typically are put already on the market with pleasant shapes and bedded … don’t do more pruning that is not necessary!

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