how to reduce the humidity in your home with plants

the moisture problem in your home, especially in the warmer periods and in urban centers, is always very timely. Making the environment more livable and healthy with natural elements would be an opportunity very economical  to be considered given the presence of some plants are able to absorb moisture and pollution.

The lily of peace, even if watered regularly, continues to absorb moisture from the leaves and, for this very useful in order. It also has great absorption capacity of pollutants.

Areca or Bamboo Palm, grows in tropical areas, but unlike the lily can survive even without big lighting funds. And ‘ideal for absorbing moisture and also to reduce pollution!

The Ivy is another excellent remedy for moisture. It has the advantage of being able to be put in pots above the tall furniture or shelves or suspended, dropping branches. By doing so you will have the possibility to mitigate the moisture even in the higher areas of the house. Just keep the soil moist and not worry too much light.

The Tillandsia can be useful both for the moisture that for the pollution. There are different species each suited to the type of environment or different light.

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