Decorate the garden with the pyracantha

The Pyracantha is an evergreen shrub very diffused in the European areas and Asia, very suitable for decorating gardens, such as hedges, and why not for growing in large pots.
These type of plant is covered with colorful berries that attract different species of birds that are greedy. During certain times of the year the pyracantha becomes a white color, because it fills with flowers.

The Pyracantha  stand the cold or adversity but not really tolerate the intense heat that could weaken it.

There are many thorns on the branches and, for this can become a great “anti-theft” if you decide to use it as a natural hedge for your garden!


Since it is a plant present in nature, its cultivation does not require special care. It is very rustic and requires especially of different pruned to prevent it expands too much over time!
If you want you can give her a shape to make it even more beautiful and creative your garden. If you use it as a hedge, enjoy its colors and watered regularly making sure you have the right amount of water, especially in dry periods. 
For the rest should not be having big problems.

PS: beware of the thorns when you cut the branches!

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