how to create a mini flowery lake in pots

Often happens to spend hours, days and even months to work and design a small garden, a terrace or even a balcony, then, at the end of the work, we feel that something is still missing to complete the work.

Maybe a little lake? But how can we build one if the spaces and especially the budget do not allow it?

Seek ye first a container you like it, whether it be a vase colored fiberglass, a wooden bucket or other suitable receptacle. To cultivate the Nymphes is enough a container that contains 15-20 cm of soil and the same of water.
Once you have created your Mini Natural pond, look for flowers, ie dwarf water lilies that measure a diameter of approx 3 cm. Commercially can be found under the name of Nymphaea “Pygmaea Rubra” or Nymphaea “Pygmaea Helvola”.
Make sure they receive some hours of sunshine every day and feed them with granular slow release fertilizer.


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