Parco Giardino Sigurtà: the second most beautiful garden in Europe

Special thanks to Roberta Gueli, the press office of the Park, for providing us with information and beautiful photos necessary to the drafting of this article.


Rises an enchanting park that perhaps not everyone knows about it, surely everyone can visit, enjoy and see.
It is 25 km from Verona and in spring boasts gorgeous blooms, amazing colors and perfumes all to savor.

Its history dates back to 1407 when this huge botanical garden of more than 600 thousand square meters, there were not that land sown to grass bounded by walls. The one small garden adjacent to the main house, welcomed the idleness of the nobility and represented the birth of the park.

Were first Contarini and then the Guarienti until 1626 to inhabit the house and garden, then Maffei and Nuvoloni, the last in 1929, when the owner Maria Paulon, lived there until April 1941, date on which the pharmaceutical entrepreneur Carlo Sigurtà, decided to turn the land into a park over time making it what it is today!

In March 1978 the park was officially opened and today, Magda and Giuseppe Inga Sigurtà, the sons of Enzo, continue to work with passion in a park which has about 300,000 visitors during the months of opening.

The park has also received awards such as Italy’s most beautiful park in 2013, and Second Europe’s most beautiful park in 2015.

How and When

  • During the season 2016 the park will be open from  March 6th  to November 6th;
  • The opening hours  from 9:00 to 19:00 with last admission at 18:00;
  • March, October, November, from 9:00 to 18: last entrance at 17:00;

It’s ‘possible to visit the park in different ways:

  • a piedi, sfruttando la natura al massimo;
  • biking, using your own bicycle or renting in the Park;
  • On board an electric shuttle, through a guided visit organized;
  • With the electric golf-cart equipped with GPS satellite to make a personalized visit;
  • With a panoramic train that follows a particularly attractive route of 7.5 km inside the park;

Useful info

Opening times

From 9:00 to 19:00 (last entrance at 18:00), from  6th marzo to 6th November.
March, october, november 9:00-18:00 ( last entrance at 17:00)

Parco Giardino Sigurtà

Via Cavour, 1, 37067, Vialeggio sul Mincio, VR, Italia

Web site:

Telephone: +39 045 637 1033

Not to be missed

If the tulips have always been the most popular flowers and appreciated, it is also true that almost all the “blooms” from spring bulbs, give charm and wonder in every corner of the world. The Sigurtà Park can be counted a million bulbs, which offer, in addition to the well known tulips, even daffodils, grape hyacinths, hyacinths, to name the best known.

You think that to “celebrate” the spring blooms, in the park, between 6th March and 30rd April a photo contest dedicated is organized!

And the roses? If you want to see one of the most elegant flowers in the world, then you may want to go in May to enjoy the more than 30,000 units in the park, divided into two varieties (Queen Elizabeth and Hybrid Polyanta and Floribuonda)

Dahlias instead overlooking the Avenue of the flower beds, and with their 30 varieties paint a colorful picture of every nuance.

In summer, however, It’s the lakes, ponds and small ponds to become the real stars: Lotuses, Hyacinths water, papyrus, fake papyrus, Hibiscus lake, hardy and tropical water lilies, give life and color to 18 small lakes in the park.

Do not miss the labyrinth in the park, the result of work, including design and construction, which lasted about six years!


News ant events 2016


One million tulips in bloom, billions of colors and emotions that do not count…you can not describe what it means to see a show like this if not admiring him, if there being …
The blossoming of tulips in the Parco is probably the most important in Italy and, along with other varieties of bulb flowers that bloom in spring,ike hyacinths, muscari, daffodils Allium, Fritillaries, anemones, Chionodoxa, the floral show certainly can not miss.
The Narciso Sigurtà and the Black Tulip, however, are the two protagonists of the blooms of this period, attracting the attention of the participants of the photo contest that takes place during this period and giving away of season tickets to the winners.


A major news of 2016 is certainly represented by the possibility that the park offers to those who want to get married, to celebrate the wedding with a civil ceremony, inside the garden, and to celebrate and organize the entire event taking advantage of the colorful surroundings of the park.

After the ceremony the newlyweds will be able to devote himself to a first reportage Wedding among the splendor of the park and, in the meantime, the guests will enjoy a scenic ride the little train, among the beauties of the park …

The day continues with an aperitif on the “Piazzale dei Tramonti” and the Wedding Banquet Rising along the “Viale delle Rose” which can seat up to 400 guests. All this can be obviously created and produced by catering services and flower designers specifically designated to give a wonderful marriage to anyone who desires.

More info:


Mille Miglia 2016

On May 19th, one of the symbolic events of our country, cross the park in all its most enchanting, allowing fans to admire the blooms is that the passage of historic cars.

The 200 cars will cross infact the route of 7.5 km that includes the labyrinth dominated by Tassi, the Great turf, the Great Oak and the Viale delle Rose, symbolic image of the Garden.

info: Dott.ssa Roberta Gueli

045/6371033 int 4

Cycling on the green

Addition to the aforementioned possibility to visit the park with your own bicycle or hire one, we must remember the favorable position of this green area is only one km from Borghetto, a charming village at the intersection of several tracks bike ideal for spend a weekend or just a few hours …

If you prefer to stay in the Park, August 28th will be repeated Biciclando in nel verde, a preview of Mantova Bike Festival, which will bring in the fun park freestyle performances on two wheels.


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