keep away mosquitoes with aromatic herbs

When summer starts, the mosquito problem becomes commonplace, especially in big cities, in the places where there are standing water and high humidity.  In addition to traditional chemical methods exist, however, many natural methods that can help us get rid or even to keep away these pesky insects are committed to making our nights unbearable.

Some aromatic herbs, for example, can help to disorient with their intense fragrance mosquitoes. But let’s see what they are and why:

Lemon balm

It’s a member of the mint family, and a great ally for the “war” to mosquitoes. .It would be more suitable for growing in the garden but if you want you can also grow it in a pot. This plant is also great for tisane.


The catnip is a very effective remedy against mosquitoes but also for rats and cockroaches because, according to some research, contains percentage of DEET, so high as to enable it to be 10 times more effective than many chemical repellents on the market!

It’s good to flavor the meat and has several medical / herbal benefits.


The basil, as well as being an aromatic herb of the most used and cultivated in homes, also has powers repellents against mosquitoes. It ‘easy to grow and useful for many dishes.

Experts recommend the cinnamon basil (as a repellent).


Ideal for fish and meat dishes, giving the garden a deep green and smells incredible. As well as keep away mosquitoes has the power to attract butterflies then, consider this, whatever space you have. Has eternal life, if well grown!

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