Keukenhof: pictures and emotions of a dream come true

It’s a large gray sky to greet us upon our arrival and the strong westerly wind blows away the first signs of spring in recent days. The colored fields of tulips we expected to find are, however, 24 hours of waiting, the time that a warm sun will face off in the clouds and begin to illuminate the Keukenhof garden.

The first daffodils surrounding streets painting the traffic islands that mark the streets of these areas, but the real beauty illuminates our eyes when we see them waiting at the entrance to all shot towards the entry gates.

Yellows and intense.

Accompanied by bus number 850 we are greeted by the  tulip fields then by the garden  that delights us with its colors!

The perfection of the flower beds placed in front of the first performance, welcomes us to the Juliana Pavilion, theater of the history of the tulip, the period of Tulipmania and various hybrids of the most famous Dutch flower.
But the real show reminds us with his scent and follow the path that leads between the colors and exciting harmonies created by Dutch gardeners.

The hyacinths burst on the lawns becoming the real protagonists of floral painting and alternate with magnificent play of colors, hopping from one corner to another, first with the tulips, then with the daffodils and finally in complete harmony with each other, revealing absolute mastery and dexterity.

color lovers, we flee in Orange Nassau Pavilion where roses are the stars, and are shown in all the variety of possible colors:
Green, orange, red, pink and even multicolored. If nature has given to the meadows a very beautiful, romantic flower, the breeder has done everything else, creating specimens of unique and unmistakable beauty.

Rivers, rivers of flowers and colorful flowerbeds inspired by peace, love leading the visitor towards new colors, flowers and perfumes and when the horizon is revealed the old mill, now the sun is hot and the warm wind …

The delicacy and elegance of orchid behind another pavilion: we are in Beatrix and amazement, the typical fragrance and divine forms of this flower that only nature could create surprising us leaving us breathless and speechless. The colors almost blind the camera that pales in comparison to a lot of poetry while the scent explodes sweeping the crowd that acclaims the gentle guise orchid ..

Going out is a pain to the heart, the sight and smell, and forgive us, we do not exaggerate or are we trying to lie but only to tell!

If the orchids we have exalted, now it’s time to jump to the Wilhem-Aleexander, the largest pavilion where bloom the rarest tulips outside may suffer. Sculpted by the skilled hands of breeders, are shouldering each other to be admired with colors, drawings, all new heights and shapes of which not even the imagination would be capable … The shades of colors paint the immense floral theater letting the human fantasy to imagine this garden in a perfect place.

Maybe your house or that you dream, with the flower of your choice.

When the sun begins to warn us that the time of this dream is nearing the end (for the time mind you!), We walk through narrow streets green and fragrant, blooming ponds, small rivers of grape hyacinths a bit ‘cold and the perception and inner awareness that a world full of flowers is a better world for all …


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