The Pedro Alonso Rose Gardens of Malaga

Maybe the Pedro Alonso Gardens are not one of the most visited monuments of the city but with the summer heat, definitely worth a visit. The perfumes no lack even the cool and the view even less because, these gardens wedged between the harbor and the Alcazaba of Malaga, really give many colored roses and geometric hedges to those who pass or decide to stop and freshen up a bit.


These gardens with geometric lines and Arab Hispanic influences that are dedicated to the first mayor after the war from which they are named. Their construction began precisely in 1945, following the design by the architect Guerrero Strachan who inserted cypress trees, orange trees and hedges, of course colorful rose bushes which in 2009 served to replace many cypresses during a renovation of the park.

At the center of the gardens stands the statue of a biznaguero, that Malaga is an ancient craft, which means the seller of Biznagas (jasmine).



Perdo Luis Alonso

Calle Guillen Sotelo, 31

29016, Malaga, Spagna


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