Alocasia: the elephant ears

Has so enormous leaves that his resemblance to the elephant ears and his nickname is almost spontaneous. The alocasia is a tropical plant ideal for decorating the interiors, because colors and covers with green the spaces and loves the heat. There are about 60-70 species and some also produce flowers and fruits in the spring or summer months. Do not look for these from the plants bought on the market that you buy in pot, because, they are typically suited to smaller environments, and should limit themselves to grow or maintain their shape.

Care and cultivation

As we said at the beginning, the alocasia need warm, so its optimal temperature should always be above 20 ° C, while the most favorable exposure is certainly the semi-shaded or sunny provided that you do not expose too many hours in the sun.
If you hold it in your home and you have cooler temperatures, there will be the risk that lose leaves in winter, if you let it out with too hot, take care to water it a lot and do not leave it too much under the rays of the sun.
Watering so that the soil is sufficiently moist and vaporized the large leaves occasionally so that they remain fresh and oxygenated.

Why leaves “cry”?

You might see tears the leaves of your Alocasia causing dripping on the floor.
Do not worry, because this phenomenon is called guttation and means that the atmosphere is too damp. Maybe you are watering too much and your plant can not absorb all the water, so it is forced to expel it through the leaves!

Try best to use the watering depending on climate and you will see that your Alocasia will return to smile 🙂

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