Lily of peace: Purify the house with a unique plant

We ask very often what is the best way to decorate our home, making the most of, not only the beauty of plants and nature but, if possible, even the beneficial properties that it can give us.

The lily of peace is one of the flowers that in addition to symbolically represent the indoor plants among the most widespread, is also among the richest in terms of the beneficial properties.

Think that a spathiphyllum plant is able to purify the air of an area of 10 m cubic about, creating a healthier and cleaner environment in all areas in which it is located.

Its power to capture harmful gases and release oxygen is also known to the NASA has used it to various experiments on spacecraft. However it manages to spread a nice smell and for that his qualities will not matter nearly so.

It particularly loves the warm moist but not the direct sunlight and, therefore, is well suited to apartments. Remember to water it regularly and remove any dead or dry parts.

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