Tillandsia: the plant that cleans the air

It comes from Perù this unique plant able to absorb smog and fumes emanating from cigarettes…

Think that, some years ago some plants, were put on the busy ring road of Florence and then examined at the University of Bologna. From the tests it turned out that the Tillandsia is able to capture, absorb and eliminate much of polluting agents.
Obviously in an apartment, to have a effective effect, you have to cover a whole wall with this plant whose roots do not always develop in the soil.

The Tillandsia is, even for this, not too easy to grow, especially from watering. Its primary feature is to draw moisture from the trichomes, absorbing moisture from the outside and channeled inside the plant the necessary nutrition.

Cultivation techniques and watering

You may be wondering how it is possible watering a plant that has no roots, and that often hanging with all its lush foliage from above without having as ground source of nutrition like other traditional plants.

Premise that the Tillandsia apartment that you will find on the market, there will probably be sold in a vassel but it is still good to know this kind of plants.

The temperature at which you have to leave should amount to between 10 and 26 ° C, in Partial shade conditions.
Watering, as we said, can be made in different ways such as, for example spraying, making sure to measure out the amount of water based on the period (heating on or off). Another possibility is to put a water pan under the plant or directly into the under vessel, so that this evaporate giving nutrition to the plant.

You can also try to moisten the roots but not watered the peat layers, “sfango” and anything else in which they are immersed because it is not from there comes the nutriment.

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