How to attract the fireflies to your garden

Although you rarely see many around, these little insects we keep wonderful memories and wonderful images of the evenings of our childhood. Who has not tried to catch as much as possible to put in a glass jar and use them as natural light or build a lamp?

But now, at a time when the use of chemical agents in the fields and the presence of pollution is increasing, this bright insect can always find it more difficult to survive becoming so among those at risk of extinction 🙁

But how can we attract it to our gardens, land, or at least at the edges of them to admire the sight of a night light all in the nature?

The nourishment

It seems absurd, since all seek to eliminate snails from the gardens since known as famous devouring leaves and flowers even in the wild, but it is also true that these are one of the favorite foods of the Fireflies. Being able to do it, we do not eliminate the snails, worms and slimy things!

Dim the lights

It’s obvious that one of the main reasons why the fireflies are not seen nearly as it is constituted by the excessive use of artificial lighting. They will never come to enlighten the garden into a dark night if this is already full of lamps.

Deleted / eliminated chemicals

As written at the beginning, one of the reasons why the fireflies but especially a lot of insects belonging to the ecosystem are threatened with extinction, it is the careless use of chemicals. Avoided or limited their use: nature has its rhythms, if you want to accelerate them to see your most beautiful flowers, there is no need to exaggerate


Fireflies need high grass, a good variety of shrubs and, if possible, even some water. Add wetlands and marshes near the woods and the circle is closed. As their ideal environment is similar to this description, the greater the chances of seeing them or attract them.

grow flowers

There are too many varieties of fireflies to determine which flowers they prefer but it is almost certain that they are greedy of nectar, for that matter, any kind of flower can be a good way to attract them!

Don’t capture them!

When we were kids, the game was fun but these insects were not threatened with extinction! There is no sight so easily and would be good to simply enjoy their beauty! Take pictures, admire but don’t capture theme! There ‘are no many left!

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