Protect the flowers with ladybirds

Sometimes our flowers are ruined by annoying “prey” storming our gardens uglier everything beautiful we got. These predators are especially aphids, present with more than 800 species, are deposited on the plants creating a sticky substance of a dark color.

But nature creates prey and predators and, along with these, there are insects such as ladybird, which feed on aphids and can be so utilili to “clean” natural of your garden.

How to attract the ladybirds

Do you want to attract the ladybirds in your garden avoiding to buy pesticides, creating a small garden or vegetable garden?

Know first that a good hedge is a good start, preferably filled with berries. A small pond can help make the environment together with a fruit tree even more inviting, and flowers such as marigold and geranium are very welcome in this small colorful insect! Try also to find natural food also for the birds that are very useful, Making sure that your garden will become more similar to the habitat of these useful inhabitants of the planet!

Everything will be so richer, alive … and natural 🙂

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