the flowers that help bees

It’s ever more topical the health of our planet and, with it, their good and peaceful life they lead the many inhabitants of the same. Often he talked about the bees that although feared by some for their sting, remain among the most beneficial insects in the world for the support they give to the seasonal nature of both pollination and for producing honey.

These are two of the many reasons why to have flowers in the garden that favor their presence may be helpful to the ecosystem and especially for flowers in general.

Greenpeace has recently drawn up a long list of what are the plants and flowers that can help the bees, we will propose some that integrate and add to these and those, of course, in every season they serve to nature for color and scent the environment.

  • The tulip, easy to grow and come by. With all its different forms and varieties colors the world.
  • Marygold, magic flower by many properties. Having him in the garden is also useful for the ladybirds (see article)
  • Lavender, fragrance and color plant in the garden or on the balconies would be perfect
  • Sunflower, the highest and colorful flower does not even need no introduction because, you see it … forever!
  • Aromatic herbs such as sage and rosemary.

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