Datura: the incredible Mediterranean flower that looks like a bell

I had never happened to see this flower. Until the other night, when, passing by a flower garden, it has not appeared before a filling of beautiful pink bells tree that caught my attention! With the usual curiosity, I started to kidnap all the beauty, trying to capture pictures as possible and unearth origins and name …

Datura is a plant of Asian and American origin whose name is derived from the Sanskrit Dathura.

It prefers mild climates and is divided into several different species both in size and by type of crop.


Datura requires relatively mild climates and does not tolerate frost too, for that matter, if you decide to cultivate, organize yourself so that it can be put in pots and be able to bring in heated in winter.

Its multiplication is done by spring sowing as regards the annual species, while for cuttings if you prefer perennials. The soil should be fresh and sandy so that this plant can drain and breathe more easily.

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