Psychotria Poeppigiana: the most sensual flower in the world

A flower by the forms so sensual and romantic-looking could only arrive from South America, passionate hot land, rich vegetation and unique climate. This particular shrub so sensual flowers growing in an area between Mexico and northern Argentina, exclusions of some areas of El Salvador, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. The Mexicans also call it the devil’s ear for its healing properties and its use in folk medicine: Psychotria Poeppigiana fact has several beneficial effects obtained of the various parts of the plant:

  • Decoction of the plant to get a painkiller;
  • Ground bark for a particular skin rash;
  • bracts of sap extract to cure earache;
  • Decoction of inflorescence to fight coughs and respiratory problems;

NB: The Psychotria Poeppigiana also contains dimethyltryptamine, a psychedelic substance that is also present in the cerebrospinal fluid of man. The peoples of the zones, it is said, does not make an excessive use of this drug but its effects are known.


The pollination of these flowers are for “beak” of a sub-species of hummingbird, called exactly paethornithinae, which feeds mainly on nectar and insects less than other species. Of very small size compared to the hummingbird also recognizes the curved beak down.

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