Strelitzia: the bird of paradise

Sometimes nature makes strange tricks but occasionally also offering amazing gifts and colorful that even the imagination of man would be able to create.

The Strelitzia is an example of how colors and shapes can come together, generating an incredible flower unique and rare.It ‘a flower so precious that in some African tribes is used to decorate the hut of the the tribal chief or that of the village witch doctor.

Care and cultivation

Essential for this type of flower is the presence of light, and then that will accept for much of the day the sun’s rays even though, it should be remembered, in the warmer months the high temperatures are not ideal for this plant , so plan accordingly! Its cultivation is in fact recommended in moderate environments where the temperature is preferably between 12 ° C and 21 ° C remembering to bring it back inside the house or in a greenhouse in the cold period.

Regarding watering remember to wet with a damp cloth or always spray the leaves (not the flowers), and watering the soil constantly except in June and July when, unlike many other plants, enters dormancy!

Its flowering period is rather slow because you have to wait some time before seeing it bloom between autumn and spring … so arm yourself with patience and cherish your Strelitzia … it will be worth while!

Main species

The main species is certainly the Strelitzia reginae, with orange and yellow colors from the base bush, while the Strelitzia Augusta robe white color flowers and can reach heights of several meters.

The Strelitzia Juncea can reach heights of about two meters and is very similar to reginae but in 1974 was elected species different for certain genetic characteristics that differentiated from the others.

The Strelitzia Nicolai finally has imposing size and sturdy stems that can reach heights of about 8 meters. Its colors range from blue to white.

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