Art & Flowers: Decorate garden and home with objects and nature

The theme of recycling, you know, is increasingly topical and worldwide importance, and for this it becomes really important to reuse disused objects to create new forms for the house, the garden and all that surrounds us. Being an artist can be an opportunity to have fun, save money and, above all, to have space in which to live the unique beauty without, in any way, having to entrust to expert hands and expensive …

Flicking between internet pages we found some small idea that was worth to be shared and that could be a stimulus for your creative skills:

1. Watering colored

It seems quite “simple”, at least to find, then everything is in the artist’s hands that will give the old rusty metal watering can on the appearance desired

2- Flowery buggy or wheelbarrow

Perhaps few have access to a gig as one of the photo and, even less, such a large garden to accommodate him but a wheelbarrow of those who use the masons to be filled with a few pots or soil maybe you … Invent and they will reach the results!

3. Flower in glass jar

Ideal for the interior, this type of decoration is the maximum of the economy: pebbles, flower and a jar that you can recover from any type of use (obviously should not be like that of the photo)

4. Lovers made with vases

Brilliant! Amazing where it can get the imagination of man despite having only pots, soil and some seeds! And a tie;-)

5. Floral Horse

garden decor ideas

Another stroke of genius made of 100% pure nature: flowers, trees and man’s hands … The result, as you can see, is of excellent quality … hats off to the author of the work

6. Flowers

garden decor ideas with flowers

If you want to perennial flowers, always colorful, you do not want to water, fertilize, or follow them too, here’s the solution: build them, color them and plant them!

7. Sign fence

Pretty simple if you find the few materials that are used. You can edit it and create it at your discretion letting the little ones of your family drawing  and color the sign …

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