Lavender: the fragrant plant painted purple

Lavender is known and appreciated as a fragrant plant with extraordinary effects when used in a medicine field. The ancient Romans used it in baths to get perfumes and exploited to derive infusions. More recently in country houses, we put in the closets to scent clothes and linens and all that remained indoors for a long time. This usage is coming back popular in the houses to this day and it adds to the many properties of the plant with purple flowers

Properties and uses

The properties and the most famous features of the lavender undoubtedly reside in its enchanting aroma that everyone knows and that has made it famous all over the planet. Its purple color also flooded entire campaigns by changing in a positive environment, culture and, why not, local tourism. They know well in Provence (France), where the lavender fields in bloom are a true tourist attraction as well as a return of the agricultural sector.

Once then collected, the fragrant flower can be used in several ways: perfumery occupies most part of the market with scents, soaps and anything that can be generated by the plant while its use in the field herbal / medicinal products associated with the products treatment of rheumatism, swelling, inflammation of the skin, headaches and sleeping problems. It even seems that if sprayed into the air, stimulate productivity in the work environment !!


Lavender grows naturally in the Apennines above 800 m and can be grown in gardens and as a hedge pot, taking care not to overdo the watering, placing it in a sunny and ventilated area (preferably south facing). If you can grow it only in small jars at home, pay close attention to irrigation to be carried out only when the soil is completely dry. Once the proper position, you know that this type of plant does not require special care in general if not the presence of sun / light and a more environment similar as possible to that hill from which it comes.


It is said that once the washing had the power to ward off witches attracting, at the same time, the fairies. (Reporting Mila Danes).

In magic rituals they used together with the bay leaf and parsley mistletoe, if worn protected from evil and malevolent people


In nature there are several species of lavender including Lavender Hybrida which sports big green leaves like those of the sage, lavender angustifolia whose subspecies belong to those cultivated in the Mediterranean areas as the timing, the latifolia, and more.

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