5 indoor plants that will make you fall in love

The Areca palm (Dypsis Luscens) is a famous plant for its purifying properties. Its ability to release oxygen after absorbing the harmful gas particles are known and therefore appreciated all over the world … Its thick vegetation it beautifies the look making it also ideal for use “indoor”.

The Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum), boasts beautiful colorful flowers and an aspect that places undoubtedly among the cactuses. It blooms twice a year, but, nevertheless, does not require special care and accurate.

Hawaiian Palm (Brighamia Insignis) is the name of this spectacular palm, apparently very rare and very rare! It blooms from September to November showing yellow flowers in groups of three or eight “clusters”.

The Hoya Carnosa is another wonderful gift of nature from South Asia. He loves the pots not too big and, if you prefer, the garden, do not quit it in areas where winters are too rigid. Under 8-10 ° may suffer! The porcelainflower (that’s his nickname) should be repotted every 2-3 years, if you can, set in the terrace in summer …

Talks about Kalanchoe,  it looks really generalist since we have about 125 species in the world but, observing the Blossfeldiana Kalanchoe, we can not help but fall in love with its full-bodied and colorful flowers. From Madagascar, this species requires cultivation away from direct sun light and, therefore, is well suited to the apartment. Blooms in spring and reaches, unless it is of some hybrid, the average height of 30 cm.

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