Daisies: the colors of the simplicity

The botanical name of the daisies is derived from the greek and means literally white flower (leukos = flower; anthemum = white). The leukanthemum vulgare, as we all known as Daisy is not only simple in name but also in its spread, growth and positioning. Who among us, in fact, does not remember the meadows with the burst of spring, he has not tried to capture some specimens to give it or take it home, or just for fun has ripped some flower?

When we were kids (but many have continued even after), the most famous game was certainly the “” Loves Me Loves Me Not “made with petals of daisies that are and will always be the easiest flowers to be found without ‘ another no cost. the necklaces that are built with great ease with this flower thanks to the soft yellow center, are another pastime that has been created over the years and, above all, the fragrant meadows during the long sunny springs ….

Habitat and reproduction

Wherever you are, with the to be born of spring, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing this beautiful flower blooming in the meadows, or where the green still has room to flourish let its beautiful products. Up to 1500m above sea level and with less intensity to the South Italy, the intense white of its color never fails: in the city, in the plain, in the hills, in the mountains.

The daisy is!

But how is it spread? Pollination Daisy is made by insects (bees, butterflies, beetles, etc.), while its seeds falling to the ground are carried around by ants and so, scattered through the fields (mirmecoria insemination).

Cultivation and types

Do not settle for seeing them on the fields and want to grow them in pots or in your garden? Daisies as mentioned are spring flowers that can last all summer but need at least 5-6 hours of sun, well-drained soil and regular watering.

Apart from the traditional white daisies, the market you can find the gerberas, also called margheritoni or African daisies (dimorphotheca) species that adapts well to warmer climes and can survive the winter if not too hard.

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