Agave: the plant of tequila which aids digestion

There is a story behind every plant and there is a different, her its life cycle especially compared to the continent where the plant itself has grown.

It’s ‘the case dell’Agave where has a past, a present and, definitely a future in the warm Mexican lands, where it is known as the Tequila plant and hand is still grown and processed in spite of the evolution of technology and working with machines.

Grown and processing in Mexico

The plant is processed by Jimadores handed down through generations of knowledge on cultivation techniques of this precious element of nature. It’s important to collect the plant at the right time as it could not contain the right amount of carbohydrates for good fermentation.

The cut plant is put in the ovens and then shredded. under a big wheel.

After this process get a first agave juice that is poured in large wooden vats or steel and left to ferment for a few days before it starts the actual production of tequila through the distillers., Bottling and, finally, ‘aging (if necessary).

Benefits and properties

The agave, as well as for the production of tequila, is a useful plant to medical / herbal level to about its benefits and its beneficial properties.

In addition to containing vitamins B and C, the agave is rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus and many important amino acids, so its sap is used as a supplement and to combat gastritis.

With the infusion of agave, obtained from the dried leaves have digestive properties, while using the same infusion as a compress you can have good results against irritation.

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