Passion flower: the flower of passion that cures the anxiety

His incredible shape and its colors are just his business card if you consider what hides magnificent this extraordinary and delicate flower.

Nicknamed the “Passion Flower”, the passion flower has spread around the world with about 460 different species and for this, before you decide to grow them, pay attention to the choice of checking if what you’re buying is an ornamental species best suited to the climates hot (and maybe the interior) or even to the winter weather.


Passionflower has tropical origins therefore requires climates not too rigid. The winter crop is only recommended if you live in mild areas. In any case, make sure that the plant is not exposed to current and

the exposure is sunny and if possible, try to create a trellis so that the plant can “climb.”

Watering, as usual, will have to be more abundant in summer, goes down with decreasing temperature.

Its fruits, in warmer countries, are used to obtain a juice (passion fruit) that is very thirst-quenching and refreshing

Benefits of passionflower

The medicinal properties of Passionflower have truly amazing historical roots! Already the Aztecs used it, and I had discovered the relaxing properties, while, many years later, during World War II, the Passionflower became one of the cures to heal the fighters from “anxiety” and the psychological problems caused by the conflict.

In practice, the use of herbal Passionflower through infusions and the like, has always favored the treatment of anxiety, insomnia and many disorders related to the nervous system.

NB: Always check any contraindications with your doctor or herbalist trust!

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