Oxalis Versicolor: the colours of the spring

What they are

The oxalis versicolor ground cover plants are ideal for “cover” corners or areas of the garden. Alternatively you can also fill the pots and color your terraces although better fit for cultivation in the ground.

This particular species (there are other oxalis), comes from South Africa and therefore requires temperate climates.


The bulbs of these flowers are planted in the autumn, planting them at twice the extent of their depth. Consider also the right distance between the bulb and the other to avoid excessive crowding and excessive propagation daily outside the area you have chosen for your flower bed!

The stem of the flower typically reaches a height of about 15-20 cm, so regulator also according to this … The soil, as always should be well drained and, considering that blooming starts already in late winter, if you want prolong it as much as possible, it would be better to keep watering constant but never excessive, especially in warmer weather.

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