The elegance of calla lily

The Zantedeschia, better known as calla, is an incredibly elegant flower coming from the central areas of Africa introduced recently in the Mediterranean areas.
The typical color of this flower is white although breeders  are becoming more widespread new species of different colors like orange, purple and yellow.

It often happens to see it in shaded or semi-shaded gardens, associated with small pools of water, because it has semi-aquatic features and requires special cultivation.


The calla cultivation is not so simple and requires several adjustments. However, if you have the right environments satisfactions and the results will not fail for sure.
Key would be to have a small stream or a pond that keep the always wet and cool environment.
The semishaded position is the other important element for this flower, while, as regards the planting, it is good to know that this plant is plantedin the autumn and in the spring, with the first warm days begin to sprout.

How watering

Considering that in their natural habitat are ponds or lakes that maintain a stable humidity level, you can spray the leaves with some frequency if you notice that the area where is  cultivate your Calla Lily is too dry.
As for watering true, however, it is necessary to water thoroughly during the growing season from spring until you see the flowers fade, but you always have to water less during the winter.

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