6 plants easy to grow

Increase every day people who want to fill with plants and flowers their homes, but it is not always easy to understand how and what is the right plant to start.

We have created a small list of easy to grow plants to facilitate the initial choice.


Easy to grow and good for the environment, the Dracaena is privileged to grow with great speed.


Other plant easy to grow and it grows fast. If brought up at the right humidity can give great satisfaction. The ideal temperature at which it is expected to be around 24 ° C in summer and 16 ° C in winter. By watering only when the soil dries in the hot season, much less in the winter.

English Ivy

To achieve a greater effect, try to hang your ivy jar or put it on a windowsill or in a mobile so that the leaves fall down.

The spiders are very fond of this plant and, if you want to help (even in breathing), do them a shower in the tub or shower. Once a month.


Infinity. Easy to grow and, above all, very green. If treated well it can last for decades.


ts name derives from the greek and means “who loves the tree.” It is found in several species, but all we know like the climbing plant that “sticks and grows around a trunk or something like that. And ‘among the most widespread in homes.


It ‘a plant with many qualities including those to absorb moisture and contaminants.

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