Meaning and history of the tulip

Since ancient times this is considered one of the most beautiful flowers, the most famous and popular in the world. For the Netherlands, the country which cultivates and exports millions of exemplary around the world, it has become the fourth largest source of economic gain.

His story, however, begins in Turkey in the sixteenth century, in which the precious flower is for the first time introduced in Europe.


After its introduction in Europe, the tulip get Netherlands where it sets off a tender for the purchase of the most precious flowers in the world. Prices rise steeply and even  start to sell some species of tulips whose bulb has not yet been planted or has just been buried!

The value of a bulb can easily exceed even 1000 Forint compared with an average salary that is around 150!

The speculators are now the lords of the market and exceeded the highest levels of the market, begin to sell by creating the famous bubble. The so inflated prices were too high that no one could buy.

Meaning and legend of tulip

Tulip comes from the name turkish Tullband which means turban or headdress, probably because of its shape reminiscent of these objects.

Legend says  that this flower is born from the drops of blood of a young man who committed suicide for love and, therefore, in contrast to the rose represents love, but a type of love a little ‘more turbulent and imperfect.

Like the rose, the tulip also has various meanings that change depending on the color in which it is given and, for this remains a single flower not only for the dozens and dozens of varieties but also for its meaning of love:

  • Red Tulip: if you give a tulip of that color yours is a declaration of love in full blown. There are no doubts.
  • Yellow Tulip:  yellow resembles the color of the sun and, for this, the gift of a yellow tulip is associated with love solar, or, in some cases, desperate love.
  • Violet Tulip:  here we move away from the concept of love to express a very important characteristic modesty. The violet color in the tulip represents this feature..
  • Variegated Tulip:  the variegated tulip is the image of beauty in the eyes of the recipient the gift. Look for it if you want to make a romantic gift to a person with beautiful eyes.

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