Philodendron: the plant that loves the trees

Its name derives from the greek Philodendron, which means “who loves trees. This plant is indeed known for its” attitude “to climb around the trunk of the trees, or, as happens for growing apartment, around a support made on purpose to enable it to grow.

It can also be grown in hanging baskets, dropping branches and leaves from the top as in growing ivy for example.


The philodendron is a tropical plant used to live in the undergrowth and then receives a lot of light but not direct sun. The cultivation in the apartment is therefore ideal as long as the temperatures never fall below 12 ° C.

With regard to the irrigating water, try to be regular taking care to always maintain a little ‘wet the soil.

In spring and summer, if you can, move your philodendron outside, always remembering to not leave it in direct sunlight


  • Pholdendron Pertusum: It comes from Mexican areas and is particularly decorative thanks to the size of its leaves. It’s possible find many sub-varieties.
  • Philodendron erubescens: It can reach heights of two meters, and has up to 30 cm long leaves that change color over time. Before  rose with reflections then copper-colored.
  • Philodendron Scadens: It is the most common philodendron and has a climbing habit or falling .. Thanks to its spread will be able to find different subspecies. It resists well even at low temperatures

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