Andalusia in bloom…

There is a place, not far from here, in which the spring and the blooms arrive at least one month in advance of the rest of Europe. The flowers and street furniture are handled according to the colors and the many blooms that nature gives almost all year. In a weekend of February, we chose to pay a visit to this warm place, and only 2 hours flying time from us to enjoy the spring and the colors of flowers as early as February!

The vessels, often filled with red geraniums in bloom already, fill the white walls of the narrow alleys perfuming and coloring every corner of the villages.


…and while vessels from sprouting everywhere, down the different flowers “play” into the sky demanding attention with their bright colors.

Not only individual pots but also creepers whole rising relentlessly and color the larger cities (Malaga pictured above), breaking the architectural features with the sweetness and elegance of flowers.

Unexpectedly the hibiscus. Without any warning we find him in the bushes in the hills, with its intense color, penetrating and its unique shape!Falling in love at first sight!

Dimorfoteca or large daisies. Call it as you want but always have their effect in the middle of a green field … white or purple, with lots of petals that look towards the sun, natural source of energy!Unique!

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