8 Houses…really flowery

We all dream to have beautiful flowers in our garden, on the balcony or even in the common space we share with the rest of the condominium, but not always, for various reasons we can realize our good intentions despite the commitment and dedication. Some people, however, in various corners of the world made beautiful works thus increasing the value of their home and of the surrounding area …


More than one house, this seems really a hotel or an important building. Flowers are everywhere, arranged perfectly and flowering at the right point. A dream.

Very flowery!

The flowers seem to have taken the place of the bricks in this house / church colorful ecological and super …Who Knows which scent in the spring!


More that flowers are the trees to make this truly unique and quirky garden. Despite being in California, this house seems a bit  oriental …


The Dutch garden could not miss list … Colorful, varied, neat and full of different species

The Hut and the Sunflowers

A shack than a house, but those passing through the campaigns has not dreamed of living in it for a while ‘abandoning the chaos of the city?

The Pots

Questa casa spagnola è invasa e circondata da decine e decine di vasi…chissà come si saranno organizzati i proprietari per annaffiarli tutti ogni giorno?

The conominium Hydrangeas

A river of hydrangeas colors this space in front of these buildings in San Francisco, United States.

Well exploited, no doubt about it!

Mountain Home

Practically perfect: sprouting from every balcony 3 colors, all the same length, beauty and size.

Work of Art in the high mountains

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