10 floral images that will make you fall in love with nature

The passion flower is undoubtedly one of the most eccentric flowers in nature which, among other things, it also has benefits in herbal medicine level. From whatever corner is photographed, will surprise

Change the colors and places but the hibiscus always manages to surprise by its beauty and uniqueness with which it appears …

In this striking image, ajar crocus shines in all its brilliance. The flower of carelessness in its most beautiful form

Hokkaido, the island of flowers, is the northernmost of the Japanese archipelago and is famous for being the one that, in some of its areas boasts colorful fields and rare species in danger of extinction …

Immortalized the moment when starts to bloom, poppy looks even more youthful, waiting to see her silky petal, it appears with this aspect enclosed to protect themselves from the breeze of cooler season.

The cornflower is characterized by the intense blue of its petals and the particular forms … one of a kind!

The water lilies are aquatic plants spread in about 50 different species in the northern hemisphere. According to the ancient Greeks, they would have anti aphrodisiac and, for this, symbolize unrequited love and platonic love

A wonderful floral arrangement stolen from Keukenhof park during our trip last April. The colors do not count … I let them imagine the scents

Orchids… Floral Park of Keukenhof, April 2014

Lavender, with its scent and essences spread throughout the world. Its color paints fields and attracts tourists for a unique territory where it grows

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