Tacca chantrieri: the bat plant

The Tacca is a plant from the Asian rain forests, exactly from Yunnan, China.

If you want to grow it at home can be very rewarding but it requires several non simple cures.

The humidity should always be above 50% and the temperature always between 12 ° and 25 ° C

If you decide to grow it at home remember to leave a bit of space around it and consider that can grow up to a meter high and its flowers that  do look like a bat, can expand up to 30 cm wide.

The soil should always be moist but never at risk of stagnation while exposure to partial shade or full light but not direct sun.

if you want you can fertilize every two weeks or when you see fit.

If you can not maintain a high humidity level, help your tacca with a vaporizer.

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