the strange orchid-shaped wasp

It seems an incredible sweetness this colorful insect alights on flowers all smiles on sunny spring days. But what is it? A doll? An insect, a joke?

It’ actually an Ophrys Apifera,  an herbaceous plant of the   Orchidaceae family,  commonly called  Vesparia.

Its height varies from 15 to 55 cm and growing Euro-Mediterranean area between the Caucasus and the Atlantic. In Italy it is quite common species in uncultivated meadows, bright woods and stains as it prefers calcareous soils but mostly full sun or, at best, half-light.

 In our country we have been classified 8  varieties and 4 hybrids, all of different colors, of belonging areas and drawing. Do not run away when you see it!
I do not think she will sting you, indeed could make a good smell 🙂

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