Calceolaria Uniflora: the alien with a smile

The first impression seeing them might seem to have spotted the aliens but be calm, actually the ones that you face are just some examples of Darwin’s shoes. Charles Darwin  discovered ithem during an exploration in South America between 1831 and 1836.

This perennial species, growing in Tierra del Fuego adapts to cold climates of the area and most likely would not resist at different temperatures.

Its size does not exceed 10 cm in height and the little white part that is located at its base serves pollinate other flowers: a species of local birds feeding on this part of the flower that later allows the growth and dissemination of all the others!

If you should wish to cultivate some Calceolaria Uniflora remember that blooms in the summer but the climates in which they live are those of Patagonia so unless you live in a particularly cold areas, we recommend you to give up …

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