Pentas: the star’s flower

The star’s flower, known as the botanic name of Pentas, is a shrub which come from the Africa area or from the Middle East area, which is possible to find in different colours in nurseries.

Their size often goes from 30 to 45 cm of height and their leaves are rough and their colour is dark-green.

The new hybrid, which were born in the last years, have a colour more clear or even white, but this concerns the biggest size.

The florescence lasts all the summer, but, if you have the opportunity to live in a temperate climate, the flowering can lasts all over the year.


This plant can last a long time, even though, in frozen climates, it would be better not to leave it outside because it cannot bear very well winter.

People usually tend to cultivate the shorter species to adorn the garden but, it is understandable that in the temperate zones the result might be better and durable.

The star’s flower needs a sunny exposition or, at least, a semi-darkness ones. It also requires regular watering, especially when the climate becomes hot and the ground tends to dry out very quickly.

Try to not create stagnation.. the plant can rot!

Eliminating dry flowers can be useless because, especially in the shorter plants, this occurs naturally.

A plant for butterflies

This plant is very useful for butterflies and, for this reason, it can attract a lot of insects such as bees or butterflies.

In this type of leaves, butterflies love to put down their eggs and eat the leaves.

Since bees and butterflies are very important for the pollination of other flowers, try to not cover this plant with insecticide; the use of this chemical product block their presence.

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