5 things that cause suffering to plants and flowers

Why some plants suffer and do not last long? What is ruining our flowers and plants we have at home compared to others that last over time?

The reasons can be many and vary according to the type of plant, flower, environment, but, why not, even to the way we take care of themselves, unaware of how should be treated.

Here are 5 elements that can contribute to pain or to improve the health of plants and flowers:

  1. The light: It’s the primary source of nourishment of plants and flowers that live and thrive thanks to this element without which even the human being could live the same way. Just imagine what part of the day a flower is about to bloom and to highlight his best side: when the sun that illuminates and nourishes the angle in which it is placed. For that an home-closed plant without much light can be affected by the place and lose  the energy needed for its own sustenance.

2. The enviroment: often in nurseries or in large supermarkets we find plants and flowers imported from tropical countries where they used to live in wet environments or in any case from the ideal climate for their needs. After enduring long trips and to be put in pots these plants are also found in small houses with very low humidity levels controlled by air conditioners. A real damage for demanding plants “drink” from the leaves as well as from the soil by absorbing water vapor.

3. The soil: choose the right soil is fundamental to give good nutrition to the plant, but at the same time, check that it is always soft and do its job well by absorbing water and any fertilizers is important for the life of your green. Repot periodically changing land and vessel can be a good solution to extend the life of the plants.

4. The change of seasonif everything is reborn in the spring and the flowers begin to bloom, creating an atmosphere of celebration, when the autumn comes happens the opposite and even the plants that we keep at home tend to lose some leaves, turn yellow and weaken.The process is completely natural and, unless it is particularly fragile plants or already at the end of life, a few yellow or lost leaf is not that a serious problem. Better check, however, that this is just making sure that there are no odd stains.

5. Standing water: Many people have the habit of thrift with excessive watering plants, ignoring the fact that often the excess water creates puddles not borne by them. The too abundant watering, especially in the cooler months, do nothing but smother the earth creating residual water. It ‘s always best to check the soil

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