8 good reasons to grow plants and flowers

Have you ever wondered whether your passion for flowers is born simply from something innate or maybe deep down also hides some motivated pleasure or emotional desire that are not always able to perceive?
We went to look for some good reason for that was worth devote to this fun but also healthy hobby is gardening, and no shortage of reasons to continue or, why not, start to “grow” this passion …
At all ages and in all places ..

  1. The psychology: it’s not a secret that treating a plant or garden aid from the psychological point of view for several factors… if you want to deepen, we talked about it in this article.
  2. Social life: have a garden or a terrace and cured with beautiful flowers is one more reason to socialize and maintain good relations with others. Everyone loves flowers and appreciate the colors and scents of a neat space. The image you give of yourself is definitely positive. 
  3. The environment: have plants at home or flowers, trees in the garden means to contribute to the environment that basically is something that belongs to everyone and serves to everyone. Color the world and clean up the air is a gesture of altruism as well as good for their own space.

 4. Physical Exerciseperhaps it will not seem true but, bending to bury a bulb, stretch to trim a hedge or even bend down to pick up the freshly cut grass, representing small gestures and movements that will greatly stand out from a day to sit in front of TV or maybe do nothing…
 5. Bees and butterflies: these insects need to live flowers and vice versa, for that, when grown flowers, you will help to preserve some species of butterflies and even pollinate other flowers and fruits
 6. Save moneycultivating a fruit tree could save you money and give you something better and more healthy. Apple or cherry, for example, in addition to producing delicious fruits, have spectacular blooms. If you decide instead of cultivating spices in pots or in the garden, you will always have fresh and delicious, and almost all the year, but above all free!

 7. Personal Satisfation: Last but not least important. Personal satisfaction and joy to see grow a plant or flower is always a gratification and a joy, and a plea for revenge. There seems little?
 8. Art and creativity: Draw a flower bed or simply place the plants in the house is still a form of creativity. You are the artist and your flowers the picture to paint.

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