Hawaiian Palm: a plant in extinction perfect for home

This plant so special and exotic comes from the Hawaiian Islands. Here is disappearing for different reasons and, for that, at least in its original state, has become a very rare plant. However, it is not too difficult to find as indoor plant in pots and in small size. According to botanical experts this plant has only one type of pollinator, (the species of moths) that has been extinguished, and this would be the first major obstacle to the dissemination and replication.

In addition there are wild animals like  rats, goats, pigs and snails that seems to harm this plant, together with natural events happening over the last few years.

If Palm were to actually become extinct (and we all hope not!), The cultivation of indoor plants would remain a good way to keep it alive and continue to spread it.

Its care and cultivation in the apartment should not be too complicated: In winter not let them miss the light and a minimum temperature of 15 ° C while, with regard to watering, try to when settling with the season, watering a bit ‘less winter and waiting for it to dry the ground …

In spring and summer, you can put it on the terrace in semi shaded position, making sure that it receives at least 5-6 hours of sunlight and, of course, that it remains away from any attackers (snails, rats, etc.), which already make life difficult in its natural environment!

The soil should be as similar as possible to the natural one in Hawaii, which is of volcanic origin … try to create something similar, if you can …

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