How to recognize flowers and plants with App

To recognize the plants and flowers is a dream that all of matter fansgrow from the day in which they made by hand for the first time among the flowers and house plants.

But with the evolution of technology many limits were asleep and to defray the limits of knowledge and of human memory, we often rely on new applications for small things of everyday life.

One of these is, for example, the app for the recognition of plants and flowers that allows anyone in possession of a mobile phone or smartphone to download the application and, by taking a simple picture, to proceed to recognition than desired.

  1.Plantnet: it is an app for recognition of plant species that works by analyzing the photos taken to the flower or the plant itself. E available for both Android and IOS.

   2.My Garden Answer: It is capable of recognizing more than 20,000 plants with, in addition, the possibility to associate the most common diseases of the plants. Available only in English, is free on Android Play store and iTunes.

   3.PlantSnapp: perhaps the most interesting among the App like this: first recognize the plants through photography, then provides details on the care and cultivation of the plant itself and finally provides guidance on where to be able to buy.

4. iPflanzen: unlike other apps, it requires a description of to the result of which it will come to the recognition of the plant or flower unknown. Definitely more complicated but, in this way may be more useful to store the various species.

   5. The flower Checker: It is among the most accurate applications as it can also recognize mosses, fungi and lichens as well as to plants and flowers as any other. It’s available on the App Store and for Android.

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